We Need Your Financial Help



The Vision

We are writing to you to ask for your help. Our current school buildings were built over 30 years ago for a pupil intake of less than 80 pupils. As the school has grown, additional school accommodation (2 classrooms and a resource room) has been provided by way of prefab buildings. These prefabs are now in a poor state of repair and have to be replaced. In addition, the school hall was originally built for that intake of less than 80 pupils – there is currently almost twice that number attending the school.

In late 2013, the Board of Management put together an action plan for development to the school. The Board, in conjunction with the project architects, decided that for reasons of urgent need, convenience, cost, access to the school and to minimise disruption it made sound sense for the work on the new classrooms and the new sports hall to proceed at the same time. In consultation with the parents and staff, plans were therefore drawn up and a planning application submitted for the following work:-

  • A New Sports Hall (including New Kitchen Area)
  • 2 New Classrooms
  • 2 New Resource Rooms
  • A New School Library
  • New Wheelchair-friendly Improvements
  • A New Entrance To The School
  • A New Reception Area & School Office
  • Upgrading Works To The Heating, Sewage & Electrical Systems

The 3D mock-up printed above gives you an indication of what the final works will look like when completed to give you a better idea of what’s planned. The Board applied to the Department of Education for funding for these works and were delighted to be successful in 2014 in obtaining a grant of €325,000 towards the project. However, that grant will not cover the full cost of all this work. That additional cost is expected to be in excess of €300,000, and if the project is to go ahead, that shortfallwill have to be met by way of fund raising.

Friends of Firmount National School

Following on from public meetings a number of parents in the school have come together to set up a charity called Friends of Firmount National School to take on the task of coordinating the fundraising for this project and to seek the support of the community. Our school has always been blessed with the help, enthusiasm and financial support shown to it by the parents and wider community in Donoughmore. That support has made a massive difference in the past and your continued support will make a huge difference now by helping to make this dream an exciting reality.

How Can You Help ?

We are seeking your help with the funding of this project. We are looking for people to contribute to this project in one, or a combination of, the following ways:-

  • Option 1: Make an interest free loan.
  • Option 2: Set up a standing order to make a weekly or monthly donation.
  • Option 3: Make a once off donation.

What We Need You To Do…

Attached to this letter is an envelope containing the following:- (a) An Option Form and (b) A Standing Order Form

We intend to leave this envelope with you and to call back to collect it in approximately 10 days’ time.

–If you are in a position to help with this project you should choose your option(s) and complete your details on the forms and place them back into the envelope and seal it. You should not put your name or any details on the outside of the envelope.

–If you are not in a position to contribute you should simply leave the blank forms in the envelope and seal it and hand it back to the volunteer when they call to you. You should not put your name or any details on the outside of the envelope.

We have decided to structure our fund raising effort in this way as, whilst every contribution however big or small will be gratefully received, we are also mindful that not everyone may be in a position to contribute. We do not want anyone to feel under pressure as a result of our fundraising campaign. Also, we are keen to ensure that people are afforded the anonymity and confidentiality they are entitled to expect.

So… What Happens Next ?

Once the volunteers have collected all of the envelopes they will be delivered to us. We, as the 3 Officers of Friends of Firmount National School, are the only people who will deal with the envelopes and who will have access to them. We are the only people who will open the envelopes and the contents will remain strictly confidential – whether you have contributed or not. We also confirm that any information provided by you will only be used for the purposes of the school and Friends of Firmount School Limited.
If you have agreed to set up a standing order form we will forward that form to your bank in order for that standing order to be put in place immediately. If you have agreed to contribute by way of loan or donation you may include that in the envelope or otherwise one of us will be in contact with you to confirm the details and to make arrangements for that payment.

The school is hugely grateful for the support of the Donoughmore community to date. With your continued support, we can help to create this fantastic community and educational resource which will benefit children in Donoughmore for years to come.


If you have any questions on the project or these forms please feel free to contact us.

Many thanks,

  • BarryHolland
  • DeniseMurphy
  • JohnMcLaughlin